About Poolquotes.com.au

We are a local Brisbane business committed to helping home owners find the best pool builders in Brisbane. Poolquotes.com.au was built to connect the best pool installers Brisbane, not just those who spend thousands of dollars on advertising.


The difference between quality pool installers vs your average company can mean you save thousands of dollars and have your swimming pool installed faster with the utmost levels of quality workmanship and customer service. Don’t risk picking a Brisbane pool builder based on price alone, only Poolquotes.com.au has done extensive research to find the best pool builders at the best price. jkj


Our Mission:


To connect Brisbane residents with the very best local swimming pool builders and provide exposure for quality operators in the pool building industry who have built solid reputations but may lack digital marketing skills.


If you are a Brisbane pool builder and would like to discuss the possibility of becoming part of the Poolquotes.com.au referral network, please get in touch via the contact us page for a confidential chat.