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With hundreds of Brisbane pool builders to choose from, you could potentially spend months arranging quotes to ensure you get the best deal on your new swimming pool.  Why not let us do the hard work for you via our network of handpicked, fully licensed swimming pool builders.


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What Type of Pool Are You Looking For?

Concrete Pools

If you want a truly one of a kind swimming pool then a concrete pool is your best bet. Our pool builders can create stunning concrete pools that are customised to your requirements.

Fiberglass Pools

For the ultimate low maintenance swimming pool, a fibreglass pool is the perfect option. Our pool installers can source a huge variety of shapes and sizes to suit your backyard.

Above Ground Pools

If you’re on a budget yet still want to enjoy the benefits of having your own swimming pool, above ground pools are a great option and come in many sizes and shapes.

Brisbane’s Best Swimming Pool Builders

We take the headache out of sourcing quotes for swimming pool installation, resurfacing and repairs by working with only highly reputable local Brisbane pool builders. Our network of pool builders are reliable, come highly recommended and are fully accredited ensuring that you only receive the best levels of customer service when installing, resurfacing or repairing your Brisbane swimming pool.


Swimming Pool Installation


Turn your backyard into a summer Oasis by allowing one of our reputable Brisbane pool builders to install your dream swimming pool. Whether you’re wanting a stylish concrete pool, a pre-made fibreglass pool, or even a simple above ground pool, our Brisbane pool builders can deliver your project requirements on schedule and on budget. Our network of trusted swimming pool builders can guide you through the entire process from council approval, through to excavation and installation.


Swimming Pool Resurfacing


If your pool isn’t looking its best, our pool builders in Brisbane can provide you with fast quotes for resurfacing your swimming pool. Resulting in a ‘like new finish’, resurfacing your pool involves removing the existing finish and preparing the surface for coating. After removing and dirt, rust or algae the new finish is applied then all there’s left to do is fill up the pool and dive in!


Swimming Pool Repairs


A cracked or leaking pool can be a costly headache as you’ll find yourself continually topping it up throughout the summer. Continually adding new water can also throw out the chemical balance and potentially render your swimming pool unusable! Contact a professional Brisbane pool repair company at the first signs of trouble to save yourself a headache in the long run.


Why Choose Us?


With literally thousands of swimming pool builders in Australia, finding a quality swimming pool builder in Brisbane can consume large amount of your precious time. That’s why we created – we’ve done all of the hard work for you sourcing and comparing the best pool builders in Brisbane, the Gold Coast & the Sunshine Coast meaning you’ll only need to choose between great, excellent & outstanding swimming pool installers & repairers.


Whether you’re building a new home, renovating your existing backyard or simply can’t endure another hot Queensland summer without a pool to cool off in, our network of swimming pool builders are here to help.

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Trusted local pool builders are ready to build your dream pool.

The Latest Pool Building Hints, Tips & Tricks

Swimming Pool Installation Overview

Overall, the pool installation process varies depending on a number of factors however, here’s a quick rundown on what you can expect when engaging a Brisbane pool builder from


Site Assessment


The first step when installing any type of swimming pool in your backyard is to have a qualified Brisbane pool builder attend your property to assess factors such as:


  • Site access for excavation and other equipment
  • Location sewer and storm pipes in relation to the pool
  • The soil conditions
  • Crane access (if opting for a fibreglass pool),
  • Plus much more…


Signing A Contract


Once you’ve chosen the between best pool builders recommended by, it’s then time to sign a contract. It’s advisable to choose either a SPASA or QLD Master Builders type of contract for your peace of mind. Ensure that your quote is detailed and shows the ‘full price’ including things such as:


  • Size, shape and depth of pool
  • Excavation costs, including removal of excess soil
  • The estimated completion day (leaving some room for adverse weather)
  • The filtration type used
  • The finishes to be used if building a concrete pool
  • Connection of heating if any to power metre
  • Council fees and more.


Council Approval and Engineering Plans


Most of our recommended Brisbane pool builders can take care of lodging all the necessary building permits and plans with your local council, but it pays to ask just to be sure this is included. Generally you should expect to wait a couple of weeks for these to be approved and construction to begin.




Before moving any soil, your pool builder will meet with you at your home to mark out the dimensions of the pool and ensure you’re happy to proceed with excavation. From there heavy machinery will be called in to dig the hole for your new pool in the fastest amount of time possible.





The next step varies depending on what type of pool you’ve opted for. Concrete pools will require steel formwork to be installed to maintain the structural integrity of the shape of your pool prior to being filled and finished by hand. The concrete then needs to cure for 28 days.


Fibreglass pools don’t require this step and will simply be placed into the excavated site before being backfilled to keep it in place. All plumbing will take place at this point to provide filtration/ heating to your new pool.

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